#Basic - Classic + Volume Combo Course

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Classic & Volume Combo Course

(4 Day Course, 2 Virtual and 2 Model Days)

$1,500 In-person Attendance ($300 Deposit Required)

$750.00 Virtual Attendance only ($300 Deposit required)

The perfect course for the lash babe looking to enter into the lash industry as a #star. This is a 4-day intensive course that will go over everything you need to know as you enter into the lash world from sanitation to completing appointments. Learn both classic and volume techniques by SoCal Beauty Educators. This course is designed for all learning styles with online modules, live virtual classroom, and 2 model days. With plenty of opportunity for one on one learning and led by multiple educators, you are going to leave ready to show off your certification!


Day 1. Online Module
History of Lashes

Finding your Path | Career Overview and Opportunities

Prep your Workspace | Sanitation & Disinfection

Product Expert | Expand your Product Knowledge

Eye Irritations, Infections & Lash Hygiene

Consultations & Natural Lash Assessment

Eye Anatomy & Taping

Designer Deets | Curls, Lengths & Diameters

Eye Shapes & Styling

Isolation & Eyelash Growth Cycle

Classic Placement & Placement Sequence

Lash Removal Methods

Day 2. Virtual Classroom

Date & Location:
August 28th via Zoom 

10:00am-4:00pm PST

A full day with your class via zoom and two Socal Beauty Educators, this day will be focused on classic placement, volume theory and volume fan making.

Day 3.  Model Day (In-person or Virtual)

Date & Time:
August 29, 2021

10:00am-4:00pm PST

SoCal Beauty 
6 Journey 
Suite 155
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

(Via zoom for virtual students)

A full day focused on completing hybrid set on a model with the guidance of 2 SoCal Beauty Educators. 

Day 4. Model Day (In-person or Virtual)

Date & Time:
August 30, 2021

10:00am-4:00pm PST

SoCal Beauty 
6 Journey 
Suite 155
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

(Via zoom for virtual students)

A full day focused on completing a volume set on a model with the guidance 2 SoCal Beauty Educators. 

Upon full course completion, you will receive a certification. With multiple ways to learn we believe you will leave feeling confident in both classic & basic volume. In order to make that happen, we know we need more than just 2-3 days!

All courses will include our Designer Lashes, this way you can wear your work as you master your craft!

Kit Included

B.07 Mixed Tray

C.06 Mixed Tray

C.15 Mixed Tray

Cc.18 Mixed Tray

D.15 Mixed Tray

L+ .07 Mixed Tray

Come Close | Hand Lash Palette

Glossi | Glass Lash Palette

Solo | Straight Isolating Tweezer

Flirt | Curved Isolating Tweezer

Date | Classic Pickup Tweezer

Gem | Volume Boot Tweezer

Bae | XL Volume Boot Tweezer

Buckle Up | Bio Gel Eye Pads

Cut off | Gold mini scissors

Stay put | Gentle skin tape SM

Stay put | Gentle skin tape LG

Swipe Right | Foam Tip Packet

Showtime | Aloe Prep

S.O.S. | Adhesive Aid

Honey | Adhesive

Protect He(r) | Base Bonder

Showoff | Lash Brush Packet

The Finale | Nano Mister

TTYL | Cream Remover

Keep it Squeaky | Rose Lash Cleanser

One Night Stand | Disposable Brush 

Roxi, Poppi or Foxi | Magnetic Lash Line Doll head (Selected at Random)

Designer Display Case

5 Designer Kits - Black

5 She's Singles

*Kit Included 500+ Value*


Sign Up Deadline: August 8, 2021

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